Evolving aria on art and life

On my lap sits a packet of carrot seeds. In lieu of a handy notebook the packet is covered with scribblings–painters' names, possible first lines, addresses, existential question marks. Tomorrow I'll plant the seeds.


Why is #happiness so hard?

Last night, as it rained, I stood outside, under a metal canopy, just to listen. Had already listened to #Arvo Pärt, to #Brian Eno, both perfect for these inner days (which I have loved), but the snare-drum rustle of the rain suited me best. The promethean musician and artist, Brian Eno, makes #ambient music. Not completely new. Think of Debussy, Monet. Of #Impressionism itself, with its moody watercolor indistinctions that predate Eno’s synthesized ambience by a hundred and

Milky porcelain, amber eyes

Enthusiasms come and go; most in fact don’t go. They subside into the tapestry of quiet passions that make our lives so rich: writers, buildings, periods, painters, highways, lovers, national parks, Mont Saint Michel . . . Add the work of Edmund De Waal, a buoyant, literate, modest man who writes books and makes porcelain pots. His most famous book is #The Hare With Amber Eyes, a remarkable book that twines the odyssey of a collection of small Japanese figurines made of ivory



Asheville, NC, USA


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